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Here’s how you can take back your independence with Mobility Equipment

No Comments 03 November 2010

Here’s how you can take back your independence with Mobility Equipment

There are many reasons people may require a walking aide. They are light weight, simple to use and for many people an extension of their own body. Although many types of mobility equipment may seem embarrassing or un-cool, in today’s world, they are simply a great add-on accessory for a day out shopping or a way to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

It’s not all rosy when it comes to Mobility Equipment-

Let’s face it, some of the reasons you’re turning to mobility equipment may be to make it your life a little easier or to simply take back your independence. The reality is, at first many people may feel a little uncomfortable using any type of mobility equipment. But once you experience the difference and benefits with your new type of equipment it’s easy to understand why Mobility Equipment is growing at such a rapid rate.

The Benefits of Mobility Equipment are Endless –

Whether it’s a walking aide, designed to keep you stabilized and prevent a nasty fall through to a simple Dressing stick to make it easier to reach those hard places when dressing, the benefits from different types of mobility equipment are endless.

Experience support and comfort with Mobility Equipment –

Imagine the sensation sitting in your own shower chair as as all your troubles wash away. There’s no risk of slipping over and you can still experience the beauty of a cleansing shower. Without this type of aide you’d either sponge bath, have someone wash you, or be in fear every time you have a shower that you may fall and do some serious damage.

Mobility Equipment Toilet Aide –

There are several things you can guarantee in life; death, taxes and the need to go to the toilet. Ok, the last one is an add on, but if you are not as stable as you used to be it would be a smart choice to purchase a raised toilet seat or an over the toilet aide. Each one of these are a simple add-on to your toilet and without a better choice of words; they make it a little easier to do your … business.

With a variety of proven shapes and sizes, going to the toilet has never been so pleasant.

Mobility Equipment Scooter –

A scooter is an excellent addition that makes a statement every time you enter a room. They come in a variety of sizes and the add-on accessories are well thought and highly functional. From cup holders to keep your drink intact to baskets with built-in lids, you’ll be set for your day out on the town. The only decision you’ll have left is what you should wear to stand out from the crowd.

Moblity Equipment offer a range of useful household aides –

Every consideration has been made and no expense was spared when it came to the development of these highly useful tools. There are a massive amount of useful household aides designed to suit every person, from Rubber bottle openers, Jug Kettle tippers, Tap turners, dressing sticks, pill crushers through to pedometers.

Every type of Mobility Equipment is designed to give you back your freedom, are fully tested to ensure functionality and are all useful everyday aides.

Summary –

Whether you use mobility equipment to regain your independence, or as a way to simplify your work as a carer you’re in the best hands possible.

Mobility equipment is designed with one vision in mind, to make your life better and easier. There are a few cons but there are many more pros and you can make a choice to embrace change, and experience what it feels to live a life of independence.

BM Healthcare’s vision is live in a world where everyone is equal no matter of age and disability. This vision has been realised through BM Healthcare’s online store that sells Mobility Equipment, Incontinence products and Mobility Aides.

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mobility scooters

Electric Power Mobility Powered Wheelchair Powerchair Reviews

No Comments 28 October 2010

Electric Power Mobility Powered Wheelchair Powerchair

Price: $ 1,722.00

mobility scooters

Electric lift wheelchair & mobility scooter carrier

No Comments 23 October 2010

Electric Wheelchairs on eBay:

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mobility scooters

What Are Mobility Aids?

No Comments 20 October 2010

What Are Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are used to help people walk and move around more easily, they help enable mobility. Mobility aids are used when it is difficult for people to move freely by themselves, for example when a person gets older moving about can become more challenging and so aids are used to help them. It is not just the elderly who use mobility aids, any person with a disability may need to use a mobility aid as well. A person with a hurt or broken leg may need to use crutches to get about for a certain amount of time until the leg is healed, or they may need a wheel chair, there are numerous mobility aids that can be used to enable mobility.

What are some examples of mobility aids?

Wheel Chair – a wheel chair is probably one of the most known about mobility aid as they are seen about a lot for example in hospitals. A wheel chair is a chair that is placed on two large wheels. The wheel chair has handles at the back which allows for a person to push the chair along, or the person in the wheel chair can push the wheels around and maneuver the chair that way. There are many different wheel chairs you can buy today for example there is the standard wheel chair, the standard lightweight chair, paediatric wheelchair, and even wheel chair accessories such as chair waterproof covers and cushions.

Mobility Scooter – is an electric scooter. They are similar in nature to the wheelchair apart from they are electric and so no manual force is required and they have the steering handles in front of the chair. Mobility scooters are great to help people get about with ease, they can be easily taken apart for quick storage either at home or in the boot of the car. Most mobility scooters have a basket on the front which is great for storage for the rider to place their belongings, whether its their handbag, or the items they buy shopping, the scooter makes popping down to the shops as easy as 1-2-3.

Walking Frames and Walking Sticks – these are used to help people to walk who don’t feel comfortable putting a lot of pressure on their body. Have a walking frame or walking stick relieves some of the weight that is put on the body while walking. If a person has a hurt leg or knee for example they can use a walking frame or walking stick to help them along.

There are many more mobility aids available today these are just a few of them, sometimes people have a few aids and use certain ones depending on the activity, for example if it is a long day shopping then a mobility scooter would probably be best or if they are walking about the house then a walking stick is used.

Fox 2 in Detroit Michigan runs balance and mobility segment on Miracle Belt and Sensory Belt for children, teens, and adults with Cerebral Palsy. New Balance Aids & Mobility Aids for CP.

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Why won’t Rascal 300 Mobility Scooter charge batteries?

No Comments 19 October 2010

Question by marria: Why won’t Rascal 300 Mobility Scooter charge batteries?
We have two month old batteries in our Rascal Mobility Scooter. It has a built in charger and worked until this months regular charge. It has always been in a climate controlled environment. We need an answer before they loose their charge.

Best answer:

Answer by Sergio
Usually I do not write very often however I just want to state that I would be happy to observe this query answered properly.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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