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What to Look for When Choosing a Riser Recliner Chair

No Comments 09 August 2010

What to Look for When Choosing a Riser Recliner Chair

If you suffer from mobility problems such as arthritis and back pain, and spend a lot of time in an armchair, you may find it difficult to get in and out of your chair. A rise and recline chair can assist you.

Electric lift chairs rise up so that the user just needs stay almost stood up, and then perch on the edge of the chair and then use the handset to lower the chair into the right seating position. Depending on the model of chair, the footrest will come up automatically so that the body and legs are correctly supported. When you want to get out of the chair, simply use the handset to raise the chair to the standing position again, and get off. Some models of electric lift chair have a back that reclines far enough so that you can safely snooze on it. Riser recliner chairs are also of proven benefit to those with medical conditions such as arthritis and circulation problems. There are manual reclining chair models which as the name suggests are operated by hand rather than electricity. The manual chair has a lever on the side which operates the chair. These might not be suitable for some people, depending on their needs.

The nature of the disability is likely to play a part in deciding which lift chair to choose. A very supportive back rest may be a requirement. The user will need to be able to use and understand the controls. Depending on the model of riser recliner chair, there may be only two buttons on the handset; one to raise the chair, and the other to lower it. If the chair has two individual motors and a heat and massage function, there may be several buttons for the user to learn.

There are different styles and makes and models of mobility chair, ranging from manually operated reclining chairs through to very luxurious chairs that offer many features such as leather upholstery, additional pockets and heat and massage units. Mobility chairs are available in various colours of upholstery, and so you should be able to find a colour that fits in with your existing décor. Leather or leather-look upholstery can be kept clean easier than other upholstery, and might be more appropriate. Some models of rise and recline chairs come with matching settees or other furniture so that your front room furniture matches.

As people are different sizes, rise recliner chairs come in different sizes too. The chair that offers the most comfort and convenience to a petite person probably won’t provide the same level of comfort to somebody who is very tall, and vice versa. It is important to ensure that you get the right size of chair for you, as the wrong chair can do you more harm than good.

The rise and recline chair will usually have one or two motors. If the footrest raises or lowers with the backrest, then there is one motor. If the backrest and footrest operate independently, there are two motors. Models with two motors are usually more expensive, but offer more positions so that you can find your ideal seating position. Depending on the user’s needs, the legs or back may need to be at a certain position, which a single motor chair might not provide.

Modern lift chairs are very reliable and most models even come with a battery back up feature so that user is not stuck in the event of a power cut. The battery will power the chair for two or three lifts only, but will ensure that the user is not left sitting in the incorrect position, and is not stranded. Safety is also very important, so particular attention needs to be paid so that children and others do not play with the rise and recline chair. There is usually a substantial guarantee with mobility chairs, and some manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty.

The location of the riser recliner chair is important. The chair will need to be positioned near a power socket, and the back needs to well away from the wall so that when the backrest is fully reclined it doesn’t touch the wall. If the chair is too near the wall and the back is reclined, the back might not stop when it hits the wall, and so the motor will burn out, which obviously won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. If the chair is to face a television or other focal point, it is advisable to do this whilst the chair is being set up. Once the chair is set up it is quite difficult to move, especially to a different room, as the back needs to be taken off which can be quite complicated.

Hopefully you will now know what sort of things to consider when choosing a riser recliner chair, and what sort will suit your needs.

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