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Assessing Needs In The Mobility Scooter Decision Making Process

No Comments 09 August 2010

Assessing Needs In The Mobility Scooter Decision Making Process

Since their invention in the early 60’s, mobility scooters have advanced in both capabilities and popularity. The advances have resulted in a full slate of quality choices requiring a full review of options, needs, and optimal solutions for each personal situation to ensure that the vehicle of choice suits the needs of the buyers in the most cost effective manner possible.    

The following is a summary review of personal mobility scooters descriptions as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and considerations to be taken for each option.

Personal Mobility Scooters:

Personal Mobility Scooters are designed for use by people with less severe mobility limitations such as such as arthritis, endurance or fatigue issues, and minor back problems. These users can typically sit comfortably for long periods of time with minimal back support and can walk under their own power.

The mobility scooters allow for lower cost mobility without the psychological bearing of being confined to a wheelchair. The typical mobility scooter users do not see themselves as wheelchair users at all. Options in scooter designs include a variety of styles, colors, accessories, and upgrades with categories covering a full spectrum of uses from shopping to navigating uneven terrain. Personal mobility scooters can be divided into three separate categories:

* Compact scooters – These are considered to be the lightest duty scooters with relatively short battery life and limited range. For situations where storage or transportation options are limited, these scooters fold down to allow for placement in smaller areas whether in the house, car, or van.    
* Three wheel scooters – These models are best suited for use on level ground and activities such as shopping due to their tight handling and turning radius in close quarters.
* Four wheel scooters – These models are built to heavier specifications and can carry up to 500 pounds. The 4 wheel design of these scooters offers more stability, longer battery life, and heavy duty mobility than the three wheel mobility scooters. One disadvantage of the 4 wheel scooter is that the turning radius is much wider than the 3 wheel, making it somewhat inconvenient to operate in grocery stores or retail locations.  

Built for users without major mobility issues, steering and control of electric mobility scooter is done via handlebars much like those seen on bicycles. Top speeds average around 8 miles per hour, with higher power 4 wheel models being suitable for road use, uneven terrain, and hills. Another advantage of personal mobility scooters is that they are transportable whether by folding down, disassembly, or by a simple trailer or lift in the case of 4 wheel scooters.

Personal mobility scooters range in price from ,000 for a basic model to ,000 for fully customized and upgraded models.

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