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How to Choose a Powerchair

No Comments 23 August 2010

How to Choose a Powerchair

A powerchair or electric wheelchair can bring independence and freedom to those currently reliant on others. Once you have decided on a powerchair rather than a mobility scooter or wheelchair, there are still plenty of other choices to be made. These include the price, the style and size of the powerchair, how portable the powerchair is, and how far it goes between charges.

A powerchair can be used by someone who hasn’t got the dexterity or mobility, perhaps, to drive a mobility scooter. A powerchair user might also have special seating or arm and leg rest requirements that are better served by a powerchair than a mobility scooter. The technology involved in electric wheelchairs is similar to that of mobility scooters and some powerchair manufacturers are offering models that look more like a mobility scooter than a traditional wheelchair.

Powerchairs are usually more customisable than disabled scooters, and can offer different types of control method, seating. For example, the range of the powerchair between charges may not be as important as it having an electric lift so that you can reach shelves or cupboards. It might be more important that it is available with a specialist seat, rather than dismantling to fit in the car. Up until recently, electric wheelchairs were predominantly designed for indoor use, this has now changed as the technology and user requirements have changed. It is now possible to buy powerchairs that are equally suited to indoor and outdoor use. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs are available with a range of well over 20 miles and a speed of up to 6mph. These powerchairs come with outdoor style wheels and tyres and look more rugged and suitable for outdoor use. They sometimes have additional rear wheels to aid stability when off road for example. These models are much more suitable for outdoor use than indoor use.

As powerchair users often spend more time in their powerchairs, the powerchair needs to be right for the environment it’s going to be used in. There is no point having a big high performance powerchair if it’s too big to use indoors, or a small compact powerchair if it is to be used primarily outdoors. The powerchair performance may be an important factor if it is to replace a car, or provide independence and allow extended journeys.

Powerchairs are usually controlled by a joystick on the armrest which can be fitted on either armrest to suit left or right handed use. The arm rest can usually be swung out of the way so that the user can get closer to a desk or table for example. If a joystick control isn’t appropriate for the user’s needs, there are other methods of operating the powerchair, including a head controller, a sip and puff tube, fingertip control or foot control.

Different users will need different sorts of seat, leg rests and armrests as they provide the user with comfort and stability. A powered seat, tilt and recline back, or electric leg rests might also be an optional accessory. If the user will be spending a lot of time in the powerchair, then a wheelchair cushion, especially a memory foam cushion will be a wise investment to ensure comfort and help to prevent pressure sores.

Powerchairs charge in the same way that mobility scooters do. The battery charger will usually plug into the powerchair control unit whilst the batteries are attached. This means that the user doesn’t have to worry about lifting or refitting batteries

Once the basics powerchair requirements have been established, you can then try some powerchairs and see which is most suitable.

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