Further Expansions Underway at Colours Wheelchairs – by Gene Emmer

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Colours ‘N Motion, a U.S. medical product manufacturer, announces further steps to expand its operations. Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2005 — Colours ‘N Motion, a leading U.S. manufacturer of innovative and lightweight wheelchairs, announced that it has relocated its operations to a larger facility in Corona, California. This announcement has come only weeks after the announcement of expanded sales operations in Europe. John Box, President of Colours ‘N Motion, said: “Colours new production site in Corona is more that twice the size of our previous facility in Anaheim and will enable us to enhance our operations”. In December, Colours announced that it had selected Med Services Europe B.V. to build up its European distribution network. Med Services Europe will be responsible for locating, selecting and managing a distribution network in Western and Eastern Europe. European distributors of quality medical products interested in representing Colours Wheelchairs in their market are encouraged to contact Dr. Emmer, President of Med Services Europe, directly. About Colours ‘N Motion Colours is considered a leader in the rehabilitation industry for its design of innovative everyday, sport and pediatric wheelchairs. Colours’ wheelchairs are lightweight, adjustable and customizable. At 14.5 pounds (6.6 kg) the custom-designed Zephyr (http://www.colourswheelchair.com/products/prod_zephyr.htm) is one of the lightest wheelchairs on the market. The Boing! (http://www.colourswheelchair.com/products/prod_boing.htm) is the first wheelchair on the market with four-wheel independent suspension. Colours is disabled owned and operated. For more information: www.ColoursWheelchair.com About Med Services Europe Med Services Europe B.V. is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and specializes in Sales, Marketing and Business Development services for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic and Medical Equipment Industry. Med Services’ area of focus is Europe. For more information: www.MedServicesEurope.com Telephone: +31648566707 (in Amsterdam)


Determining the Best Wheelchair Power for you – by RuLoterina

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Do you need a wheelchair, but you are not sure what type is ideal for your body? Or you might be having doubts on buying manually operated wheelchairs. This page can help you decide.

Like the automobile, the wheelchair was developed to meet the different needs of different users. Modern wheelchairs have different styles and models. Each has different purpose and permits a lot of adjustments. Wheelchairs were changed according to foot support positioning, arm support adjustment, joystick positioning and upholstery placement. These are called powered wheelchairs or power wheelchairs.

Wheelchairs are divided into two main categories: scooters and powered wheelchairs. The two differ on the way they are steered. A conventional powered wheelchair has an electronic control, such as a joystick, that causes different amounts of power to go to each of the rear wheels to control both speed and direction. A scooter only has handlebars at the end of a tiller that is attached to the front wheel which is used to mechanically turn the wheelchair. Scooters require more arm movement and hand function than powered wheelchairs.

You can identify scooters by its seat that is mounted on a pedestal attached to the floor of the scooter. It usually has three or four wheels. Most four-wheeled scooters have front wheels that are connected together. So when the tiller is turn left and right, the front wheels turn left and right together. The tiller controls the movement, but it is the lever attached to the handlebars that controls the speed.

Powered wheelchairs have three different drive wheel types. The front-wheel drive chairs are built with large front drive wheels and casters in the rear. The mid-wheel drive chairs have larger wheels on the rear and casters on the front. The rear-wheel drive chairs are designed in such a way that the main drive wheel is centered under the user’s center of mass. Others are called specially powered wheelchairs, such as stair climbing powered wheelchair that are designed for off-road use.

A powered wheelchair has base that contains the motor, battery and wheels. The seating system is mounted on top of the base. Wheelchair of this sort usually has four wheels and is controlled by input switches.

There are also wheelchairs that can be folded and are specially designed for use in traveling. Traveling with wheelchair requires a personal vehicle that is modified to contain the wheelchair. These wheelchairs have batteries that are housed in separate boxes that are easy to remove.

If you are still not satisfied with power mobility that your powered wheelchair offers, there are other options available. There are add-on power systems which convert manual wheelchair frame into a power mobility device, and power-assist wheels that are considered transitional products between manual mobility and power mobility.

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The Evolution Of The Manual Wheelchair – by Emmanuel Aubrey

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Some time ago people didn’t need much guidance in choosing a manual wheelchair. It only came in a standard design. The first wheelchairs were heavy and have dark-colored upholstery.

Now there’s a wide range of manual wheelchair models you can choose from, designed for a large variety of needs. The stainless-steel is no longer the single option; it can be replaced with aluminum, aeroplane aluminium, chrome, titanium or other lightweight materials.
Lightweight/Sport Wheelchairs

A lightweight chair is built of materials such as aluminum, titanium or chrome. Initially designed for sports use, the lightweight manual wheelchair then became a very popular everyday chair. The sporty look and the independence of movement it offered were highly appreciated by many users.

A lightweight manual wheelchair is appropriate for a user with good upper mobility. It shouldn’t be used by obese persons, because it has a lower weight capacity than a standard wheelchair. One of the highest quality lightweight chairs is the Breezy Wheelchair.
Standard Wheelchairs

A standard manual wheelchair has a cross-brace frame, a mid-to-high-level back, built-in or removable armrests and swing-away footrests. Some people still prefer this type of wheelchair.
Child/Junior Wheelchairs

These manual wheelchair models have to meet a child’s or teenager’s changing needs during the growing period. In addition, they have to be designed in a way to help kids overcome social difficulties. Such wheelchairs come in different colors and styles.
Specialty Wheelchairs

There are special chairs to meet a wide variety of lifestyles. Hemi chairs can be propelled using leg strength. There are also manual wheelchair models that can be propelled using only one hand and oversized chairs for obese people. Rugged wheelchairs are designed for outdoor activities. There are also aerodynamic racing chairs with three wheels and chairs who help handicapped persons be stood up.
Institutional/Nursing Home/Depot Wheelchairs

This manual wheelchair model is used to transport pacients in a hospital or nursing home. They are not designed for individual use.

Yet Their are some chairs that are made for individual use but are not powered by electric or gas but by human power, These chairs originated from the ancient times and have progressed slowly until now but you usally do not see them but for show.

In other countries elderly do not use wheel chairs but have other means of transportation ot are not move much at all, So I know im thankful we have them because i wouldnt want to sit in the house all day.

manual wheel chairs although not that great of an eyesight have come along way and are a very helpful tool.

Emmanuel Aubrey
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Sport Wheelchair – by Emmanuel Aubrey

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Initially, this type of wheelchairs were designed in order to be used in sports, such as tennis, basketball or roadracing. Later on it was discovered that a sport wheelchair can be used as an everyday chair.Sport chairs are also called lightweight wheelchairs or ultra-light chairs. They are manual, not power chairs.
Who can use lightweight wheelchairs?

These chairs may be used by people with a good upper-body mobility. However, there are some devices who help people with an upper extremity paralysis use a sport wheelchair as well. This model is not recommended for people who weigh more than 250 lbs. In spite of these precautions, lightweight chairs are often purchased by anyone who can use a manual wheelchair.
Design and material used

A sport wheelchair is ultra-light (only 19-30 lbs.). It is designed to withstand high speeds and quick changes of direction. This is why the materials used for the manufacturing of lightweight wheelchairs are aluminum, steel, titanium or chrome. Coverings such as plastics, spandex or vinyl are used for the seats.

The design of a sport wheelchair varies between the purpose it is used for. There are specialized lightweight wheelchairs, such as court, races, tennis, skiing, hand-cycle or beach chairs.
Sport Wheelchair Accessories

* belts – used to fix the athlete’s body in the wheelchair while performing.
* tote bags – attached to the sports wheelchair to keep water bottles
* back supports
* pushing gloves

Purchasing Sport Wheelchairs

There are many things to consider when buying a sports wheelchair, such as the user needs, the price or the brand. The most famous brands are Invacare, Colours and Quickie.

If you want to search for a sports wheelchair over the Internet here is a listing of websites that you can use:

* Spinlife
* Sportaid
* Wheelchairs

When Purchasing a wheelchair that will be used in a sporting event you should check the durability and the life expetancy it should come with at least a one year warranty. It should be tested to make sure you can properly move around in it for your advantage in the game.

Even If you dont play sports a sport wheelchair can sometimes be better quality then a regular manual wheelchair and often times lighter.

Also if you use a wheeled chair you may want to join a sport group to keep you it better shape plus it great fun and a good environment.

Emmanuel Aubrey
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Selecting a Wheelchair – by BobWalker

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Wheelchairs can be a very confusing subject, simply because there are so many types, sizes, and other applications for wheelchairs. To many people, a great wheelchair can mean freedom and independence. The ability to get around on your own and not have to worry about other people having to do tasks for you is priceless. So where do you start? How do you determine what wheelchair is right for you? What does a wheelchair cost? Wheelchairs can range in price from $300 to over $10,000.

At that price, it will be a good idea to do your research to make sure you are not being scammed when it comes to the purchase of your wheelchair. A good way to determine what type of wheelchair you need is to ask yourself these questions. “What will be the main use of my wheelchair?” “Where will I be using my wheelchair the most?” “What functions and activities do I participate in the most?” (Ex. If you have a home with smaller than average doors, like the doors on a mobile home, you will want to make sure that you do not buy a wheelchair with wheels that extend out beyond the door frame.

A wheelchair can be customized to fit in your home without having to sacrifice comfort. There are different wheels for different surfaces that you will be traveling on, different frame contruction, and many different types of wheelchairs from manual to electric. Try to compare features with as many businesses as possible, this way if something looks unusually high in price compared to everyone else, then you know it is a scam waiting to happen.

Be selective and patient when it comes to choosing your wheelchair, after all, it will be a part of you for many years to come.

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