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11 Comments 01 October 2010

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  1. ledsignz says:

    Great upgraded scooter good scooter

  2. skydivr009 says:

    I too go travel at scooter and to night scool. I had rain caught on m e too, but not to sick. The nurse is stealing my pills.

  3. Penlid20561 says:

    Try again, it’s still available

  4. Penlid20561 says:

    I’ll be sure to ask the manufacturers on that one but I some how doubt it

  5. hussy66 says:

    robin wouldnt let me ride that one 🙁

  6. abonces says:

    It says
    “Sorry this video is no longer available”

  7. graves666graves says:

    This is definately the best video ever made

  8. graves666graves says:

    this is definately the best video in all history

  9. GoonerAli says:

    nice Red that.

  10. MOUSE15UK says:


  11. REDROOST68 says:

    wow – this is cooool scooter. I travel lot time with my scooter and many times rain caught on me. I got all wet and freeze sometime to sick.

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