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Shoprider Mayhem

14 Comments 27 September 2010

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  1. WhytePnay says:

    is this what you guys do with our products???
    warranty voided out

  2. jakaul says:

    Hahahahhah Classic!

    (But i’ll be keeping my warranty handy XP

  3. wiljowibo says:

    its no wonder my orders take so long all this larking about….

  4. BillyBobTS says:

    @burtonkid92 I don’t think he cares coming from someone with the name “burton” in it.

  5. steezmuffin686 says:

    @burtonkid92 tool…go back to the tool box where u belong. its a individual sport mr. shaun white, u apparently dont have ne videos up so i suggest you either shut the *#&$ up, or upload. and since i dont suppose ur going to do either, crawl in a small hole and stay there.

  6. acemack2 says:

    yeah BC all the way

  7. elmath05 says:

    Phil T sick vieu !!!

  8. romanianboy222 says:

    i hate ur stance but i guess your okay….

  9. burtonkid92 says:

    alright how do you know that? cause some gay little vid that i made for my teacher with like 2 shots of me? and there small as fuck.

  10. snowboardr23 says:

    ur not so good urself

  11. burtonkid92 says:

    dude how can you ride for a shop? i guess they were desperate cause you suck!

  12. bawiecan says:

    can he do anything else that snowpark kicker or rails, do some natural powder jump mate.

  13. Ikk94 says:

    video an rider rulez… song sucks XD

  14. mkottman23 says:

    nice boarding, terrible song

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