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Twin XL Deluxe Adjustable Bed 12″ Memory Foam Mattress Only

2 Comments 09 August 2010

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  1. K. Leleux says:

    Review by K. Leleux for Twin XL Deluxe Adjustable Bed 12″ Memory Foam Mattress Only
    This is my first review ever. I purchased this mattress to replace my old memory foam mattress that is 5yrs old that came with my Springhill Adjustable Bed. I had lost weight and the body impression on my mattress had become such an issue that I would have to put old pillows under my mattress to level out the middle. So I finally decided to get a new mattress but they cost so much in the store. Just the mattress alone was as much as the purchase of my whole bed with the mattress (we brought two twin XL adjustable beds with memory foam for a total of $3,000 -that’s $1,500 each). This was an exceptional price and still cheaper than a traditional mattress.

    The photo helped me decide on this one because it looked like my bed and mattress since we have the twin XL beds and the description refers that it was made for an adjustable bed. The quality of the memory foam and density was another factor. I didn’t want something that would break done and get impressions right after I got it so I went with the 12 inch instead of the 10 inch memory foam. With that said, I must admit that it is very firm but it is only a couple of weeks old. I had back surgery so memory foam is a must. I can always add a topper to make it softer. For the price I paid for it I can afford to add one if I decide.

    When it was delivered it came rolled up and no odor. I received it within a week or so of ordering. I was going to order another one for my husband so we can have identical mattresses, but he wanted something not as firm. Therefore, I went with the 12″ Memory Foam Twin XL Mattress with Dual Air Flow by Silver Rest also from DYNASTY MATTRESS. I ordered it a couple of days ago so I haven’t received it and I can’t compare and my concern with that one is that it is not shown used on an adjustable bed that is the primary reason I went with this one. Either way I am sure either product from this seller would meet your expectations and they are well worth the price without sacrificing on quality. Best wishes and sweet dreams!

  2. R. D. Hartwell says:

    Review by R. D. Hartwell for Twin XL Deluxe Adjustable Bed 12″ Memory Foam Mattress Only
    We can only add to what a previous reviewer has said: this is an outstanding purchase. Our overweight, handicapped daughter loves this mattress. It conforms well and quickly reestablishes itself to a natural level. We were wary when it arrived – early by the way – because it was such a tight roll. This was easily unwrapped and by the time we moved it into the house, it had filled to about half its advertised height. After about ten minutes it was full-sized and filled out the contour sheets. We all had to “take a try” to show our daughter that this was a good mattress for the bed. She was quite satisfied and the only downside to this is that my wife (and me too I must admit) now wants one to replace our eastern king; perhaps we should have asked for a quantity discount. This was a great buying experience and an excellent product!

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